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    The area's leader in natural pet wellness. Nutritious foods, helpful supplements, healthy treats and toys. Located in Newburgh, IN

  • Natural Solutions

    We have natural and chemical-free solutions that help your pet with joint health, digestion, skin and coat, breath, anxiety, urinary problems, respiratory, fleas, ticks and worms.

  • Human Quality Ingredients

    Pets 1st products use human quality ingredients. Stop shedding and itching, put an end to ear problems, manage weight and prevent disease.

  • Buy Six Cans, Get One Free!

    Valid on select flavors of Tiki Cat canned cat food while supplies last.


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Your Pet Health Store & Grooming Salon

One of the best reasons to shop at the Pets 1st pet health store in Newburgh, IN, is simply because you love your pet! A holistic and natural means of pet nutrition is the foundation of a healthy, happy life for your animal companions and regular grooming is key to managing coat, skin, ears and nails!

Pets 1st has pet wellness consultants on staff in Newburgh to help you choose the best pet diet option for his or her specific needs, taking into consideration breed, age, activity level, and overall health when choosing the proper diet or supplement.

We offer the best full-service dog grooming and cat grooming in Newburgh, IN area.  Our professional groomers are courteous, knowledgeable, and attentive to your requests. See more about our professional grooming services here.

We are the Area’s Leader in Natural Pet Wellness.

How We Choose the Pet Foods We Carry

We look at the quality, digestibility, and palatability of the ingredients for your pet’s diet. We are primarily a pet health store, so we won’t stock foods made with ingredients of poor nutritional value such as meat by-products, anonymous meat and bone meal or fats, beet pulp, grain fractions, artificial preservatives, or coloring agents. All ingredients in the pet diets we carry have a good nutritional reason for being there.

All our pet food manufacturers disclose where they get the ingredients for their products. These companies do not advertise their products on national television because they put their money in the ingredients and in quality manufacturing processes instead of advertising campaigns.


  • When your pet eats a more natural diet, nutrients are utilized more efficiently and she/he requires less food per meal because there are no fillers. THIS EQUALS A SAVINGS TO YOU!
    Your local Pets 1st locations in Newburgh, IN offers professional grooming to keep your pet not only feeling healthy, but looking great as well!
  • Better food equals less medical issues for which your pet may need treatment. THIS ALSO EQUALS A SAVINGS TO YOU!
    Healthier food also means a reduction in shedding, hairballs and waste, and improvements to skin, coat, breath, temperament, activity level, and vitality.